MC Companies’ Sharing the Good Life Foundation is a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference where we live, work, learn and play. By working together, we can share the good life and build a better world.
We’re all about personal connections and coming together to have a positive impact. All of our employees, residents, family and friends are encouraged to participate in the foundation.



We have created our Good Life Ambassadors Program to give back to their communities. Our ambassadors have made a positive impact on their communities and national charities through a variety of programs:


  • Employee payroll donations


  • Employee paid time off donations


  • Local fundraising projects


  • Community grant applications


  • Volunteering and donating your time and energy


MC Companies’ Sharing the Good Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.



MC Companies believes in Sharing the Good Life with its communities through donations and volunteering time to support various local and national charities. We know that volunteers have a huge positive impact on communities and MC encourages its Team members to participate in local volunteer work to support the communities where they live, work, learn and play.

VTO Hours

Payroll Contributions

PTO Donations

Grants Awarded

Through employee giving and volunteering, the Sharing the Good Life Foundation has helped over 26 charities since it began. This was achieved in part by our VTO (Volunteer Time Off) benefit, which allows MC employees to give back and take up to 2 days for volunteer activities. Since many MC Team members participate on various non-profit boards and chair committees to serve the community, the foundation helps support these endeavors.
MC employees gave over $13,000 in payroll contributions in 2015 to charitable causes and nonprofit groups. In 2015, one of MC Companies largest projects was working with Arizona Walk Now for Autism Speaks in partnership with SARRC (now known as: Autism Speaks Walk in Partnership with SARRC). In total, MC Companies raised over $120,000 with $23,000 coming from employee PTO (paid time off) hours being donated to the cause.
MC Companies also awards grants each year to employee nominated groups. In 2015 the Sharing the Good Life Foundation gave $7,500 through 15 different grants. Through grants, PTO donations, VTO donations, and employee nominations, the Sharing the Good Life Foundation saw a total of $141,092.95 go to a variety of organizations.
MC Companies is Sharing the Good Life through its support to the following organizations: