Your investment.  Your future.  Our commitment.

Let’s face it. We all work hard for our money. It doesn’t come easy. So why invest yours with a real estate investment firm that considers it just that…money. You need your investment to be in the most trusted hands possible. With seasoned experts that have a proven track record, who you can rely on for finding sound and profitable real estate development opportunities. People that care about your financial goals and your future. At MC Companies, we believe what we do is about more than just making money. We are a company that believes in sharing the good life with our partners while we create the best living experience for our residents. Building your future is serious business and so is taking care of our residents.

MC Companies is a full-service real estate investment and property management company that since 1985 has developed, built and managed multi-family housing communities. Our current portfolio includes units in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Oklahoma and Texas.

Professionals in construction. Professionals in management.

At MC Companies, we don’t just develop or renovate our properties to generate return, we view each property with a "contractor’s eye" first so we know what it will take to turn existing properties into performing properties. We then manage each community to provide a quality living experience for our residents. These two strengths combined—construction and management—mean we can locate, renovate and manage a property to deliver the best possible living experience for residents and the best possible return on investment for our investors. It’s what makes us unique. And it’s what makes us successful.

Sharing the good life is about delivering optimal living and service standards to our residents, maximizing operating income and increasing property assets value for our investors. Developing or building a property is one thing. But providing an exceptional living experience for residents is what really matters at the end of the day. After all, residents drive operating income and operating income drives property value. It’s a relationship we know and live by.